SkIDentity receives EuroCloud Germany Award

[Michelau, Mai 13th 2015] The innovative SkIDentity-Service of ecsec GmbH received yesterday evening in Cologne within the EuroCloud Deutschland Conference 2015 the renowned EuroCloud Deutschland Award. The novel “Mobile eID as a Service” once again convinced a multi-membered jury of experts and was this time – after winning the European Identity & Cloud Award for “Best Innovation in eGovernment/eCitizen” last week – honored as “Best Cloud Service provided by Start Up CSP´s”.

EuroCloud Deutschland Award for outstanding Cloud Services

The EuroCloud Deutschland Award annually rewards outstanding Cloud Services with respect to quality, compliance, innovation and customer support. EuroCloud Deutschland_eco e. V., German Cloud Computing Association, this year decided in favour of „SkIDentity – Mobile eID as a Service“ from ecsec GmbH. The use of electronic identity (eID) cards for secure, privacy-friendly and mobile authentication in the cloud convinced the multi-membered jury of experts.

SkIDentity is best cloud service offered by a start-up company

This year the innovative SkIDentity-Service (, which was developed within the „Trusted Cloud“ program supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi), is among the winners in the category „Best Cloud Service provided by Start Up CSP’s“.With SkIDentity various electronic identity (eID) cards like the German eID („Elektronischer Personalausweis“), the Austrian social insurance card (e-card), the Estonian eID as well as several signature and banking cards can easily be used in cloud and web applications. SkIDentity allows to derive cryptographically secured “Cloud Identities“ from any standard compliant eID card, which can be transferred to almost any smartphone in order to be used for pseudonymous authentication or a self-determined proof of identity in the Cloud.  „SkIDentity builds the bridge between secure eID cards and the cloud, which not only increases confidence in the cloud but also enables various new and mobile applications for eID cards.“, explained Andreas Weiss, Director EuroCloud Deutschland. „The fact that SkIDentity supports various other european eID cards beneath the German eID additionally opens up interesting prospects for the development of a European Cloud. “

About SkIDentity

The SkIDentity project is performed by an interdisciplinary team, which is coordinated by ecsec GmbH and comprises experts from ENX Association, Fraunhofer institutes for industrial engineering (IAO) and computer graphics (IGD), OpenLimit SignCubes GmbH, Ruhr University of Bochum, University of Passau, Urospace GmbH and Versicherungswirtschaftlicher Datendienst GmbH. In addition the SkIDentity team is supported by major associations and federations such as the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V., BITKOM), the German EuroCloud association (EuroCloud Deutschland_eco e.V.), the ProSTEP iViP association and TeleTrusT – IT Security Association Germany and well known enterprises such as DATEV eG, easy Login GmbH, media transfer AG, noris network AG, SAP AG and SiXFORM GmbH.

About the “Trusted Cloud” Program

The German Federal Ministry for Economic affairs and Energy (BMWi) supports through “Trusted Cloud” the development and testing of innovative, secure and legally valid cloud computing services with about 50 million Euro. Because the various project partners roughly bring in own resources of the same amount, the program has in total about 100 million Euro as its disposal. The “Trusted Cloud” technology program of the BMWi is part of the cloud computing initiative, which has been started by the BMWi in October 2010 together with its industrial and academic partners.

About EuroCloud

EuroCloud Deutschland_eco e. V. is the German Cloud Computing Association and part of the European EuroCloud network. It was founded in 2009 and is attached to the Association of the German Internet Economy - eco. EuroCloud Deutschland_eco and eco perfectly cemplement each other. Since 1995 eco is the association of the German Internet Economy and represents their interests towards politics and international forums. With more than 750 member companies eco shapes the internet: It develops market places, promotes technologies and forms basic conditions. EuroCloud Deutschland_eco addresses the topics of cloud computing based on the internet. Together the associations open maximised synergies to create maximum range in relevant issues.

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