The award-winning and certified SkIDentity Service makes it easy to use electronic identity documents and other credentials in cloud and web applications. For this purpose, the SkIDentity Service offers an appropriate interface, which can be conveniently configured via the SkIDentity Management Service.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

The "Secure Cloud Infrastructure (SkIDentity)", which has been certified by the Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI) under the certificate number BSI-IGZ-0250-2016 in accordance with ISO 27001 based on IT Baseline Protection, does not only comprise the SkIDentity Service for strong authentication, but it also provides a highly secure operating environment for arbitrary Internet-based applications (cloud services). The certified computing environment includes all the resources necessary for the secure operation and administration of Internet-based applications, such as central server systems with firewall, web server, application server and decentralised systems for administration as well as corresponding operating processes.
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Based on the innovative, patented, award-winning and certified SkIDentity technology it is possible to create tailor-made security solutions which meet the most stringent requirements.
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In order to use the German electronic identity card (Personalausweis) or similar eID cards in your online service, you must use a standard interface provided by the SkIDentity Service, e.g. based on the international standard SAML v2.0. If this interface is not already supported in your online service, you can use a "SkIDentity Cloud Connector" suitable for your platform.
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The SkIDentity Service can be used within an Online Service – independent of the number of users and including 10.000 transactions p.a. – for an attractive monthly flat rate of 399 Euros per month (plus VAT). In addition, preferential conditions are offered for non-profit organisations, open source projects, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in selected regions, providers of multiple Online Services as well as through partner organisations.
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eID for free!

On the occasion of the positively completed notification procedure for the online identification function of the German eID card and against the background of the "Strong Authentication - now!" initiative online services can now use the multi-award-winning and certified SkIDentity Service free of charge for six months.

The prerequisite for this is that the registration at the SkIDentity-Management-Service takes place during the "European Cyber Security Month" – i.e. in the period from 01st – 31st of October 2017 – and the productive commissioning of the service will conclude in 2017.

For easy integration, there are "Cloud Connector" components available for different platforms. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with the experts at ecsec GmbH if you have specific questions. We are looking forward to talking to you!