„BürgerCloud“ realises eCard Strategy of the German government

[Hannover, March 10th, 2014] On occasion of the ninth anniversary of the adoption of the eCard Strategy of the German government and the beginning of CeBIT 2014 the initiative "Germany – Land of Ideas " decorated the "BürgerCloud" project of ecsec GmbH with the award “Selected Landmark in the Land of Ideas”. The innovative service uses various electronic ID cards for the efficient and secure execution of electronic participation processes, such as public opinion polls and petitions for example.



Secure login for cloud services as easy and user friendly as never before

[Hannover, February 26th, 2014] Using SkIDentity technology it is easy to integrate secure authentication methods into cloud and web applications. At the CeBIT stand of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (Hall 9, E24) it is shown how common electronic ID cards, such as the German eID card, the German eHealth card and various other authentication tokens can be used for strong authentication in the world wide web.



SkIDentity brings the German eID card to the cloud and to CeBIT 2013

[Hannover, February 27th, 2013] The SkIDentity team demonstrates at the CeBIT-booth of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi, Hall 9, booth G50), how the German eID card (neuer Personalausweis, nPA) and similar identity cards can be used for strong authentication and secure as well as cost efficient business processes in cloud computing environments.



SkIDentity protects against identity theft in the cloud

[Hannover, March 8th, 2011] The SkIDentity project aims at providing trustworthy identities for cloud computing environments and is among the winners of the „Trusted Cloud“ technology competition initiated by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, which have been awarded during CeBIT 2011.


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