Deutsche Post AG integrates BSI-certified Open eCard technology into POSTIDENT App

[Michelau, 27th of March 2019] Deutsche Post AG has joined the Open eCard Community. The leading German logistics company has integrated the recently certified Open eCard Library from the ecsec GmbH in order to enable the highly secure and mobile identification with the German eID card “Personalausweis” directly within the POSTIDENT App. As a result, the electronic identification can now be carried out conveniently within the smartphone.



BSI certifies world's first Open Source "eID-Kernel" according to BSI TR-03124

[Michelau, March 22, 2019] It has been accomplished – ecsec GmbH proudly presents its certificate for Open eCard Version 1.3 received from the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI). The so-called "Open eCard Library" is thus not only the worldwide first Open Source "eID-Kernel" for Android, but also the first and currently the only eID-Kernel certified by the BSI according to the Technical Guideline TR-03124 (eID-Client), which is available freely available as Open Source. The certificate, which has been issued without deficiencies in the conformity assessment report, is valid until 21st of February 2024.



SkIDentity allows to go.eIDAS in just two minutes

[Michelau, 13th of December 2018] Within the scope of the non-profit go.eIDAS initiative, the eID experts from ecsec GmbH have provided smart integration components for various platforms, which allow to integrate notified electronic identification systems (eID) into popular applications in less than two minutes. In order to accelerate the widespread adoption of eID in Europe and beyond, the "!" offer based on the award-winning and certified SkIDentity service will be extended until Easter 2019.



SkIDentity offers “!”

[Michelau, August 10th 2018] The countdown to the start of the EU-wide recognition of electronic identification means (eID) is entering its hot phase. From September 29th 2018 on, in exactly 50 days, the German eID card (Personalausweis), which has been notified on level of assurance "high" last year, will be recognized electronically in all EU Member States. To facilitate the eID usage across Europe, SkIDentity now offers “!”.



SkIDentity realises the “ID“ in FIDO

[Michelau/Berlin, January 23rd 2018] After supporting various international identity documents in compliance with the eIDAS-Regulation in last autumn, the multiple awarded and certified SkIDentity Service ( now also provides support for so called FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) U2F (Universal Second Factor) tokens. This allows that „Cloud Identities“, which have been derived from an electronic identity document (eID) can now be protected by an additional cryptographic hardware token. Through SkIDentity the modern FIDO security technology can now not only be used for strong authentication, but also for trustworthy identities.



SkIDentity offers „eID for free!“

[Michelau, September 28th 2017] Against the background of the recently started initiative „Strong Authentication – now!“ and on the occasion of the successfully completed notification of the online identification function of the German eID card, the multi-award-winning and certified SkIDentity Service ( can now be used free of charge. The prerequisite for this is that the registration at the SkIDentity-Management-Service takes place during the "European Cyber Security Month" (October 1st – 31th 2017) and the productive commissioning of the service will conclude in 2017.



SkIDentity enables eIDAS and provides cross-border service for strong authentication and identification

[Berlin, September 20th 2017] The multiple awarded and certified SkIDentity Service ( today has activated the necessary functionality for the implementation of the eIDAS-Regulation and now enables strong authentication and identification with various international identification documents in cross-border processes.


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